About Library

The Library at Goa Institute of Public Administration & Rural Development consists of around 2000 books. Several reports and journals are available. Library data is anaged by using the E-Grantalaya software. GIPARD has also subscribed online access to ‘Economic & Political Weekly Journal’ and ‘Goa Kaido Act & Rules’.

Library Collection

a) Books

The library houses collection of various books covering subjects like Public Administration, Rural Development, Good Governance, Computer Applications, Management, Gender Studies, Women and Children, Social Justice, Finance, Administrative Reforms, Human Rights, Environment, Disaster Management, Time Management, Personality Development, Goan Culture, etc.

b) Journals

  • NIRD Journal of Rural Development
  • IUP Journal of Soft Skills
  • IUP Journal of Entrepreneurship Development
  • IUP Journal of Organizational Behavior
  • Microfinance Review
  • South Asian Journal of Participative Development
  • The Journal of Governance
  • Journal on Environmental Law Policy & Development
  • Journal of Development Management & Communication
  • Indian Journal of Economics
  • The Indian Journal of Political Science
  • The Goa Law Reporter
  • The Indian Journal of Public Administration
  • KILA: Journal of Local Governance
  • Administrative Development – A Journal of HIPA Shimla
  • Economic & Political Weekly Journal
  • Journal of Rural Development Review
  • The Journal of Governance
  • University News: A weekly journal of higher education

c) Others

  • Training Module
  • Training Reading Material
  • State and Central Government Acts
  • Government Documents: Rules, Annual Reports, Manuals etc.
  • Audio/visuals CDs on various subjects.