Objectives of GIPARD

The objects for which the society is established are:—
  • To achieve excellence in the administration
  • To train Government officers/employees to be responsive to the needs of the citizens
  • To update knowledge of the Government officers/employees on latest technologies and processes for good governance
  • To promote better understanding of professional requirements including the need for value based management
  • To develop effective methods, so as to change the attitude of the Government employees towards efficient service delivery
  • To offer a wide range of high quality training and capacity building services to the Government officers/employees
  • To organize and conduct special training courses, symposia, workshops, seminars, departmental examinations, etc.
  • To undertake various other activities like consultancy, model pilot projects, research, etc.
  • to undertake systematic policy oriented research to assist and support the Government in evolving more effective and evidence based policies, programmes and public sector management systems in Goa and
  • To serve as a policy making body to formulate, test, validate and implement training strategies for all employees of the Government of Goa.

Core areas of training

  • Public Administration
  • Panchayati Raj
  • Right to Information Act 2005
  • Rural Development
  • Gender Issues
  • Human Rights
  • Stress Management
  • Disaster Management
  • ICT