In order to achieve the above objectives, the society may conduct various types of programmes and activities on such subjects, for the benefit of such persons, areas and sectors of activity as are indicated below, namely:-

(A) Programmes and Activities

  • Education programmes of long duration, post graduate courses at masters and doctoral levels in subjects related to any aspect of public governance including rural development, subject to meeting the standards set up by the affiliating and recognizing bodies;
  • Training programmes of short duration for officers and non-officers, directly or indirectly, connected with different aspects of administration including rural development;
  • Research activities in areas related to public administration including rural Development;
  • Consultancy and extension services; and
  • Publications.

(B) Subjects and areas of activities

  • The programmes covering concepts, principles and techniques related to management and training of public administration and rural development activities of the States and the Union of India; and
  • The programmes covering all functionaries of the Government and rural development related departments and others directly or indirectly connected with the implementation of Government and rural development schemes, including non-officers.

(C) The society may

  • Plan and formulate training programmes on public administration and rural development;
  • Organize conferences, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, meetings, discussions, etc., on subjects related to its functions;
  • Publish research papers, treatises, periodicals, books and other literature to disseminate up-to-date information relating to public administration and rural development;
  • Establish and maintain libraries of books, teaching aids, audio/visual equipments, etc.
  • Establish collaborative linkages with the National Institute of Rural Development, Administrative Staff College of India and such other institutions of other States in India having similar objectives, by exchange of faculty and scholars, by conducting joint research and training programmes and generally in such manner as may be conducive to the development of public administration and rural development;
  • Function generally as the apex institution of Goa on public administration and rural development to provide knowledge and services to set standards of proficiency;
  • Establish, administer and maintain local branches or institutions at suitable places in Goa; and
  • Do such other deeds and acts conducive or incidental to the achievement of all or any of the above objectives.


The society shall consist of a residential campus as well as non--residential centers. It shall be open to persons of either sex, of whatever race, creed, caste, class, religion, nationality, etc. and no test or condition pertaining to religion or region shall be imposed in admitting students or in appointing members, teachers and staff of the society, provided, however, that the Board of Governors may make special provisions for the advancement of scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and socially and educationally backward classes of citizens in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Constitution of India.